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Loose teflon tubing vs factory applied teflon- which is better?


Air, is, of course the best dielectric.  Thus the theory of loose teflon being better would make sense.  In a perfect world, the teflon would never, ever touch the wire.  But since this is not the case, a loose teflon tube instead "leans" against the wire.  As signal travels down the wire, any microscopic vibrations of the wire can cause a sort of rattling of the metal against the teflon.  This is essentially how microphones work.  Send that vibration to an amplifier and all of a sudden you have magnified a noise that was never meant to be part of the music reproduction.  So we instead have the teflon directly factory applied to a very specific thickness (12 mils).  

If, in fact, you want the cleanest signal- cotton is the best alternative.  It surrounds the wire with air, without being a hard surface to cause additional noise.  This is the dielectric in our DNA Interconnect, which is the best we have designed.

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Is the wire in your kits the same as your cables?

Answer:  Yes.  The IC-8 kit makes and equivalent to the Silver Lace, the IC-4 is a Diva, and the IC-3 is a Super Silver. 

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Can you re-terminate my cables?

Answer:  Yes.  Did you switch equipment but don't want to buy new cables?  We can help!  For $25 per end plus the cost of the new connector, we can change them out for you.  They don't even have to be our cables.  Just select your new connectors and add them to the cart.  Then add up the [...]

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What is the wooden box on your interconnects?

The wooden block is  designed to keep the cables from tangling and does not have any affect on the acoustic performance of our cables.  It slides from end to end and can be placed wherever you need it to be.  We do not offer these blocks for sale by themselves.  This design change was added [...]

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Can I trade in my old HGA cables for new ones?

Answer:  Yes.  It's now even easier to upgrade to the newest and best HGA cables. Generous trade-in allowances are available to complete the system of your dreams. Best of all, we love keeping you as an HGA customer! Cables purchased: Upgrade credit: < 12 months ago 75% of original purchase price 12-36 months ago 60% [...]

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Are your connectors made of solid copper?

Answer:  LOK Brand connectors are considered high copper content (no less than 68% copper) brass.  This is a higher copper content than most connectors.  The bulk of the remaining content is zinc and by definition brass in an alloy of copper and zinc.  Additionally, the plating we apply is also significantly heavier than most of [...]

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