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Can you re-terminate my cables?


Answer:  Yes. 

Did you switch equipment but don't want to buy new cables?  We can help!  For $25 per end plus the cost of the new connector, we can change them out for you.  They don't even have to be our cables.  Just select your new connectors and add them to the cart.  Then add up the number of ends that need to be reterminated, and add it to your cart here.  There is a "remarks" section where you can add any specific instructions you have for us. 

Then mail the cables to:

Homegrown Audio Company
PO Box 19262
Roanoke, VA  24019

Once we receive them we will contact you with the estimated completion date.

(Please remember that you will lose a small amount of length on the cable with this procedure, as we will snip the cable at the solder joint for a fresh connection.)


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