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  • Diva Interconnect
    $225.00 Choose Options Diva Interconnect
    The Diva™ presents the listener with a definitively ‘live' musical performance with its exceptional dynamic abilities and impressive imaging. This design offers tremendous midrange presence and extremely...
  • DNA Interconnect
    $575.00 Choose Options DNA Interconnect
    HGA proudly announces the availability of their newest flagship product, the DNA™ interconnect cable. The DNA™ is a reference grade product in every sense of the word and we consider it to be the finest...
  • Lace Interconnect
    $295.00 Choose Options Lace Interconnect
    The magic of the Silver Lace™ lies in its unusual and complex braided geometry. Its design utilizes eight strands of individually FEP insulated ultra-fine solid silver wire beautifully woven...