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- Homegrown Audio History -

Our Beginning
In 1997 HGA began its mission to develop the finest audio cable products. Our founder was intrigued with the idea of using ultra-high-purity silver wire as the core material in the construction of a series of fine audio cables. Used in the medical research industry for its superior electrical strengths and physical properties, silver was starting to be recognized for its superior sonic characteristics within the hi-fi community. These materials were a natural choice for building audio products designed to deliver uncompromising performance.

Continued Commitment
Determined to make a contribution to high-end audio, over the years HGA has continued to invest in the research, materials, and infrastructure that have enabled our complex designs to become a reality. While industry advantages such as proprietary computer-modeling software and customized machinery have become essential in our design process, we also like to think it is our commitment to detail that sets us apart. To this day, HGA's employees utilize the same surgical precision that has been applied to our designs since day one.

Smart Growth
As our company has grown so has its diversity. Indeed, HGA benefits from the talents and contributions of numerous professionals with greatly varied experience. This includes individuals with backgrounds in physics, medicine, human physiology, music, and more than thirty years of experience in electrical engineering. But most importantly, we still consider ourselves to be music lovers at heart.     (back to top)


- Homegrown Audio Business Philosophy -

Uncompromising Performance
Innovation and design are our passion at HGA. We have consistently proven that by employing the best quality components, solid engineering, and out-of-the-box thinking, it is possible to produce world-class products that excel both sonically and in terms of electrical performance. As audio and video aficionados, we understand the need to continually refine performance and are committed to bringing our customers remarkable products without compromise.

Customer Service
At HGA, you won't find big budget advertising campaigns and quick-sell gimmicks. You just won't. What you will find is a level of service and reliability that is uncommon in today's marketplace. We like to think of our clients as partners in the sense that our futures are tied to each other's mutual success. Those who have worked with us in the past realize the value of this relationship.

Ultimate Quality
Our tradition of excellence stems from three original HGA employees who are now practicing surgeons! We understand the precision and materials necessary to build the highest performing products. Our quality control is truly second to none. You can depend on HGA to deliver a proven design that is well researched, meticulously constructed, and market tested for use in the most demanding audio-visual systems.     (back to top)


- Homegrown Audio Products -

The Best Materials Available
We purchase large quantities of the raw materials used to make our silver wire from the finest suppliers across the United States. Together with the expertise of these well-chosen partner companies, we confidently offer the best quality silver wire currently available from any source.

To further illustrate how this is accomplished, each month we purchase thousands of ounces of high-purity (99.99%) silver directly from a precious metals refiner who specializes in lab-grade products. We start with a guaranteed product from a reliable and reputable source.

Flawless Production
The raw silver is precisely drawn into wire via a slow and labor-intensive process that ensures perfect uniformity. The company we contract with for this part of production caters primarily to the medical/research community. Their expertise provides an exceptionally thin and uniform product not available elsewhere.

Finally, the finest Teflon™ insulation is applied to the substrate wire. This results in an insulated wire with the highest possible conductivity and best dielectric properties available.

While the best raw materials are essential, much of what we have to offer revolves around the braid geometries used in our cables. All braiding and other essential steps of production are done in-house with tremendous care and scrutiny. HGA has invested in multiple customized industrial braiding machines over the years, which allow us to produce essentially any cable geometry imaginable.     (back to top)


- Homegrown Audio Services -

New Product Development
We are here to assist you from start to finish with your customized product design. In addition to supplying products of the highest quality and performance, we also offer a wide assortment of value-added services aimed at drastically simplifying the logistics involved in making your new product a reality.

Our knowledgeable engineering and design staff will guide you every step of the way to ensure the best performing and most aesthetically appealing product available. Whether it is developing an attractive logo to represent your company or answering technical questions about cable performance, an experienced professional is on hand to assist you.

Custom Options
We offer a huge variety of finishing options to customize your products. Most customers choose a basic braid design then customize their products by selecting from various termination and aesthetic options that result in a truly unique cable design. We stock most colors and sizes of heat-shrink tubing, expandable braided sleeving, as well as a rainbow of colors for custom foil printing. Termination options include the finest products from LOK™, WBT™, and Neutrik™. These products can be made available in the time and quantities to accommodate your needs.

Large accounts even have the option of customized braid designs that may include simple changes in wire colors or truly unique made-to-order braid geometries. Imagine using our customized machinery, experienced staff, and discounted supply sources for the production of a proprietary design that is exclusive to your company. We can do it all in-house!    (back to top)


- Homegrown Audio Partnerships -

Your Business Benefits
Building a partnership with HGA helps you manage risk right from the start. A modest investment is all that is necessary to gain instant access to discounts on difficult to obtain materials, proprietary processes, and a knowledge base that will help you succeed. These benefits are derived from extensive experience, high-volume purchasing, and well-established industry partnerships.

Creating A Brand
Establishing an exclusive in-house brand affords many benefits compared to simply reselling a line that hundreds of competing dealers also have in their showcase. Based on your input, we can build a custom product that is specifically tailored to your target customer. You'll be in complete control over all design considerations including component selection and various finishing options related to your products.

Best of all, as the exclusive source for your product, you'll experience the benefits of having no direct sales competition, flexibility in pricing, and guaranteed repeat sales from customers that are loyal to your brand. Gone will be the days of repeatedly demonstrating products for prospects only to lose the sale to another merchant who can sell the same product for a few dollars less!

Other Partnership Benefits
Whether it's sourcing a special material, providing turn-key manufacturing solutions, or drop shipping materials to your customers, you'll have an experienced partner and industry liaison to help you get it done.      (back to top)


- No Nonsense Purchasing -

Saving Time
We know you are busy. By providing a convenient means to purchase our high-quality supplies and assembled products, you will have additional time to create, market, and sell these lines. HGA knows that satisfaction is in part measured by how smoothly you can acquire and sell products. Our online ordering system greatly increases efficiency.

Electronic Ease
By becoming an HGA Dealer, you can order factory-direct with no fuss. Our user-friendly interface allows you to replenish supplies with just a few mouse clicks. By indicating your shipping needs, we can even expedite orders to accommodate a short timeline. Off-the-shelf items can be sent the same day if the order is received before 3:00 EST, while custom orders generally require only three to five days of lead time prior to shipping.

Automatic Discounts
Once your application has been approved your account status will be converted from retail to dealer.  You will need to sign up for an account prior to this conversion.  From there your dealer prices will automatically be displayed!  Within our interface you can also track your packages, see all previous orders and easily re-order.  Full dealer terms and conditions will be provided upon approval of your business application.         (back to top)


- Application -

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By Fax
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