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HGA Newsletter


Why HGA?  

If you're ready for a serious upgrade from your present cables, HGA offers the chance to own the best for far less than you thought was possible. You'll be amazed at the excellent results achievable with the right starting materials and a proven design.

HGA is a special company for many reasons. The first is our size. We are small enough to take a personal interest in our customers. Those who have worked with us in the past appreciate a level of service simply not found when purchasing from most online companies.

Conversely, we're large enough to deal in tremendous volumes of our core product: Teflon insulated silver wire. This enables us to pass along huge savings to our customers. Our size also insures that all critical steps of cable production are performed in-house under a watchful eye -- be it braiding wire on our industrial braiding machines, cable testing by our staff electrical engineer, or meticulous termination by our skilled assembly staff. All this insures the quality you demand at the best price in the business.


Who are our customers?  

The people who purchase from us are a special bunch. They're audiophiles, DIY hobbyists, video-nuts, and frequently just folks who are looking for alternatives to what is currently available at the local hi-fi shop. The one thing they all have in common is that they expect the absolute highest quality cabling at a reasonable price.

We're proud to say that the majority of our factory-direct sales come from word of mouth referrals and repeat purchases from customers who are pleased with the quality products and service we deliver. Thanks to all those who generously support us! Additionally, HGA supplies much of the silver wire and braided cabling to OEM customers throughout the world. We won't tell you who sources their products through us, but the numbers grow every day.



All cables and DIY kits are listed and priced per pair unless noted otherwise.

All connectors are sold per each unless noted otherwise.

Bulk braid and bulk wire are sold by the foot.


Are custom cable lengths available?

Yes. Please send an email at sales@homegrownaudio.com listing your needs and we will be glad to send a quote for the items.


Where does HGA's Silver Wire come from?

We purchase large quantities of the raw materials used to make our silver wire from the finest suppliers across North America . We confidently are able to offer the best quality Teflon insulated silver wire currently available from any source.

To further illustrate how this is accomplished, each month we purchase thousands of ounces of high purity (99.99%) silver directly from a prescious metals refiner who specializes in lab grade products. The advantage here is starting with a guaranteed purity product from a reliable and reputable source.

Next, this raw silver is precisely drawn into wire via a slow and labor intensive process ensuring perfect uniformity. The company that we work with for this part of the production caters primarily to the medical/research community. They have the capability to produce extremely thin wires that are prized for their uniformity and are extensively uses in therapeutic and research purposes. While more expensive than the competition, they clearly use the best machinery and staff available for this critical portion of production.

Finally, clear FEP Teflon insulation is directly applied to the substrate wire by a company who has been with us since the early days of HGA. Their experienced staff and engineering department have contributed to an insulated wire that is consistent and optimized in every way.

While the best starting materials are essential, much of the magic of what we have to offer revolves around the exacting braided geometries we use in our cables. All of the braiding used in our products is done in house under much careful scrutiny. We have invested in several (5) customized braiding machines over the years that allow us to produce and experiment with essentially any cable geometry one can imagine.

Our research interest involves around optimizing these designs through listening and careful measurement. We're proud of what we have to offer and hope that you will be pleased with the final result of much careful planning and attention to detail.


What knowledge / tools are necessary to complete the kits?

Constructing great sounding interconnects is easy with the outstanding components and detailed directions HGA kits provide. The ability to make a good solder joint and follow directions are basic prerequisites. Tools you will need include a soldering iron, wire cutter/strippers, and a simple continuity meter (an inexpensive meter is available from Radio Shack for about $10).

While these projects are fun to complete, some experience working with small parts and an eye for detail is helpful. We have a sign hanging above our assembly workstations that reads “Perfection is our goal… Excellence will be tolerated”. If this is your credo too, then you'll be very successful with this project. If not, let us impress you with a professionally terminated cable.


Break-in time

While our cables tend to be surprisingly sweet sounding right out of the box, their performance continues to improve throughout approximately the first 100-200 hours of break in time. An easy way to break in the cables is to simply hook them up to a tuner or other line level component and let them run continuously for several days.


Aren't all silver cables "bright" sounding?

 No. No. No! Unfortunately there are several good examples of silver cables out there that happen to be forward and bright sounding. (There are also plenty of ‘bright' sounding copper cables). Experience has taught us that this undesirable character is much more attributable to overall design flaws in a cable rather than the metallurgy employed. Our cables are very neutral in presentation and are truly anything but bright. We guarantee it!


Are your cables shielded?

 HGA cables are unshielded by design. Both careful auditioning and objective measurement have taught us that tremendous interactions occur between the signal carrying portions of a cable and the overlying metallic shield that is utilized in most cable designs. External shielding is the easiest way to prevent noise propagation, but this technique is clearly not the best approach when trying to optimize such sonic characteristics as speed, openness, and depth of presentation. Our cable designs have been optimized to deliver excellent rf/emi noise resitance without the use of external shielding... its all in the braid!



Any stock cable you purchase pre-assembled from us may be evaluated in your home for 30 days risk-free. If these professionally assembled cables don't meet your expectations in every way, you may return them for a cheerful refund of your purchase price. Regretfully, we can not take back home-assembled kits, custom length cables, or cut wire.